4 Skin Conditions Caused By Diabetes

It's common knowledge that diabetes can lead to a lot of health complications, but you may not know that even your skin isn't safe from the effects of diabetes. Diabetes can cause a variety of different skin conditions. Here are four skin conditions that people with diabetes need to watch out for. Acanthosis nigricans Acanthosis nigricans is a condition where dark patches of discoloration appear on your skin. These discolored patches may be thick and uncomfortable, and they often affect the folds and creases of your body, like your armpits and neck. Read More 

3 Treatments And Skin Care Practices To Help Keep Your Face Free Of Wrinkles

As you get older, many factors will contribute to your skin's aging process, including the environment, your health, and hereditary factors. You can choose to accept your skin's wrinkles as markers of the life you have lived, or you can choose from several different treatments to help prevent and erase your wrinkles. Here are three less-invasive treatments and skin care practices you can do to keep your face more wrinkle-free. Read More 

Understanding Nasal Polyps And Your Treatment Options

If you've been struggling with chronic nasal congestion and discomfort, you may want to reach out to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist about the condition. Sometimes, these symptoms can be caused by nasal polyps. If you aren't familiar with nasal polyps, they are non-cancerous growths that develop inside your nasal cavity. In most cases, they are fairly small, but if they grow too large, they can actually interfere with your sinus function. Read More 

7 Ways To Make Tooth Brushing Fun For Your Kids

Some parents find it difficult to get their kids to brush their teeth. Many kids don't want to take the time to do something that isn't much fun. There are different activities you can do to get your kids to want to brush their teeth. Here are some ways to make them enjoy brushing time. 1. Brush each other's teeth If you want to brush their teeth for them but they aren't exactly cooperative, offer to let your kids brush your teeth first. Read More 

5 Things Parents Need To Know About Hearing Loss In Children

Hearing loss is sometimes thought of as something that only affects senior citizens, but most people with a hearing loss are actually below retirement age. Even babies or young children can be affected by hearing loss. In the United States alone, there are 1.4 million children with some degree of hearing loss. Here's what parents need to know about hearing loss in children.  What causes hearing loss in children? There are many things that can cause hearing loss in children. Read More