Battling Problematic Breakouts: Acne Relief May Be Hiding In Your Kitchen

Many people associate acne with puberty and adolescence. In fact, it can affect people of all ages, and some adults deal with breakouts frequently. Acne is caused by oils in your skin clogging your pores. It is typically associated with adolescence because skin oils increase and hormone levels change during that time. There are several topical medications that you can use to treat acne, but there are actually several medication-free treatments available in your own kitchen. Read More 

Supplement Your Traditional Cancer Treatments With These 4 Effective Options

If you are like most cancer patients, you're exploring a variety of traditional treatments with your doctor. And while treatments like chemotherapy are effective options that are more often lifesaving than not, they can leave you feeling fatigued, anemic, and even with hair loss when all is said and done. Luckily, you can help your body counteract some of these side effects by supplementing your traditional treatments with one or more of these techniques: Read More 

Tips For Keeping Your Eyes Healthy On Vacation

From purchasing new luggage and a pair of comfortable walking shoes to finding a neighbor or friend to water your houseplants, there are many chores that must be accomplished before enjoying a vacation. However, while packing and confirming your hotel reservations, there is another aspect of vacationing that most overlook, but should be remembered: your eye health. Here are a few simple tips to help ensure your eyes do not suffer while you and your family enjoy a much needed vacation: Read More 

Can A Child Have Three Parents? A New IVF Procedure Makes It Possible

Are you having trouble conceiving a baby naturally and considering in vitro fertilization (IVF)? It has helped make many many eager couples like you into happy parents. IVF traditionally involves taking the egg of one woman and mixing it with the sperm of one man in a petri dish to create an embryo that is implanted into the woman's uterus. The hope is that the embryo attaches to the uterus and grows into a healthy baby. Read More 

Are You A Good Candidate For Laser Cataract Surgery?

If you've recently been informed by your ophthalmologist that you've developed cataracts -- a condition that clouds and fuzzes the ordinarily clear lens that helps you process images -- you may be wondering about your surgical removal options. In the past, cataract surgery was a fairly invasive process that involved cutting the surface of your eye, peeling back the lens, removing the clouded portion, and replacing it with an artificial lens. Read More