Clarity On Cataracts: The 101 On This Common Eye Condition

Good quality vision is important for everyday life, so you may visit your eye doctor each year for regular exams and vision correction. While these tasks will help you see clearly, placing emphasis on the underlying health of your eyes is also important. Considering 20.5 million Americans aged 40 and above suffer with cataracts, understanding this issue is key to your overall health and vision. Unfortunately, you may not be familiar with cataracts, how they develop, and available treatment options. Read More 

Anaphylaxis In Children: What Every Parent Needs To Know

According to research, it only takes 1-2 minutes for a mild allergic reaction to turn into anaphylaxis, which is life-threatening. As many as 50 million people in the United States may be at risk for developing anaphylaxis, which includes the 8% of American children under the age of 3 who have food allergies. Unfortunately, it's difficult to notice symptoms of severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis in children under 3. If you are a parent of a small child or are expecting a baby, here's what you need to know. Read More 

5 Things Diabetics Need To Know About Heel Fissures

Heel fissures are a painful foot condition characterized by cracked skin on the heels. For many people, heel fissures are just a nuisance, but for diabetics, they can be a serious health issue. Here are five things diabetics need to know about heel fissures. Why are heel fissures a concern? Diabetes can damage the nerves in your feet, which makes it harder for you to feel pain. This means that you can develop deep heel fissures without feeling any warning pain, and when you don't feel pain, you may not notice that you have this condition. Read More 

Rotator Cuff Surgery Healing Tips

If you have sustained a rotator cuff injury, then you may need to speak with an orthopedic surgeon about surgery so that you can heal properly. The operation will most likely involve the reattachment of one of the many shoulder ligaments to the shoulder bones. You will need to go through a somewhat lengthy period of healing after the operation is over. Keep reading to learn about some tips to help you through the process. Read More 

6 Clutter Free Gift Ideas

There are a lot of reasons you may want to find clutter free holiday gifts for your friends and family. Maybe you have a friend who just downsized into a smaller apartment and mentioned not having enough space for her stuff. Or perhaps your parents have mentioned they already have all the "stuff" they could possibly need and don't want to add to what they already have. Clutter free gifts mean you get to give someone something thoughtful they will enjoy, without contributing to more clutter they may find annoying. Read More