Want To Be Healthier? Benefits Of Swapping Your Regular Tea With Matcha Green Tea

If you want to be a healthier person starting with making changes to what you eat and drink, as well as adding exercise to your routine, is the best place to get started. One thing you can change is if you drink regular tea you should consider changing it to matcha green tea instead. Below is information about what matcha green tea is, and two benefits of drinking this type of green tea.

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha tea is generally grown in Japan. Once the plant grows, the leaves are ground down until the leaves have turned into a powder. A stone is used to grind the leaves by hand, or a stone wheel that is more automatic is used if they are producing a lot of matcha tea.

Once you have the powder, you can use the tea in many ways besides making green tea with it. For example, you can use it to make healthy, delicious smoothies or add it to recipes, such as breakfast rolls or cakes. Try different ways, and you will see you can add this green tea to your diet easily.

Drinking about one cup per day should be enough for you, but you can drink more than this without having to worry about gaining weight.

Benefits of Matcha Tea

There are many benefits of drinking this tea including:

Gives You Energy

Just like regular tea matcha tea can give you energy that lasts all day. This is unlike caffeine that stays in your system for four to six hours. Once the caffeine leaves, you will feel very tired. Matcha green tea is completely natural so you will not have to worry about the energy dropping quickly but instead very slowly.

Even though there is a little caffeine in this tea, you get the most energy from different amino acids.  Having more energy can also help with your concentration and help with memory.

Fights Disease

If you drink matcha tea every day, it supplies your body with the antioxidants it needs to increase your immune system, which in turn fights disease. This is because antioxidants remove toxins and other harmful chemicals from your body. One of these antioxidants is known as EGCG, which is a powerful antioxidant that blocks DNA damage. This can help prevent cancer, as well as other diseases.

As you can see, matcha green tea offers many benefits, and it is also delicious so you won't mind drinking it. For more information on matcha egcg, contact your local health food store.