How Is A Prescription NSAID Different And Better For Pain Relief?

If you have osteoarthritis, then your physician may provide you with medication to treat the disease. Medication is likely to include an NSAID pain reliever, and this medicine can seem similar to the ibuprofen or acetaminophen you can purchase over the counter. While this is true, the medicine is quite a bit different in several different ways. Keep reading to find out why. You Only Take One Pill You may have heard that certain pain relievers cause damage to the liver and the kidneys. Read More 

4 Reasons Why Articulating Your Feelings Is a Good

If you frequently feel like you are apathetic, falling apart, cracking, or splitting, you might be holding yourself together until you can find a safe place to scream or cry. That doesn't mean you are mentally unwell at all. In fact, many people who seek out mental health services do so because they recognize that something is wrong. Here is why being able to describe how insane you feel is actually a good thing. Read More 

Ways To Prevent Ankle Injuries When You Play Baseball

Ankle injuries are a common threat for a variety of athletes, including those who play baseball. Hurting your ankle can leave you with a bruise or cut that limits your speed, while more serious injuries could potentially keep you out of your team's lineup for several weeks. A podiatrist is the right healthcare professional to see for any type of ankle injury that you suffer during a baseball game, but you'll decrease your likelihood of having to make this appointment if you take a series of steps to protect your ankles. Read More 

Three Common Causes Of Hearing Loss And Treatment Options

When you suffer with hearing loss, it can decrease your quality of life. The worse the hearing loss, the more debilitating it can be. Hearing loss is especially difficult if you are a very social person and have a hard time hearing what others are saying. Hearing loss can also be dangerous, especially if you have a hard time hearing things like sirens and fire alarms informing you to take immediate action. Read More 

3 Important Reasons To Get Your Hearing Checked Regularly

While most people do an excellent job of going in for routine medical physicals, dental cleanings, and vision tests, it seems that hearing tests are a bit more neglected. However, hearing is just as important, if not more, than your other senses, making it very important to have your hearing checked along with your other routine appointments. Doing so can be incredibly beneficial to you and your overall quality of life. Read More