FAQ About Epilepsy

Are you worried about your partner going into episodes of staring in the same direction for long periods of time? The problem that your partner has might be a lot more serious than you think. It is possible that the staring is the result of him or her suffering from seizure complications, which can be related to a condition known as epilepsy. It is necessary for your partner to consult with a neurological services and treatment specialist as soon as possible to find out if he or she has epilepsy. Browsing through the content below will give you more knowledge about epilepsy and how a specialist can help your partner.

What is the Cause of Epilepsy?

In some cases, it is difficult for a specialist to determine the specific cause of a patient developing epilepsy. However, brain tumors and head trauma are some of the reasons why some people are found to develop the disorder. Epilepsy is also known to be at risk for developing if someone has an infectious disease such as meningitis. Having a stroke increases the risk of developing the disorder as well. A specialist will need to give your partner an examination to pinpoint the specific reason why he or she developed the condition.

Is Staring the Only Symptom?

Staring is only one of the symptoms that can occur if someone is suffering from epilepsy. Each epilepsy victim can experience the seizures in a different manner. For instance, it is also possible for someone to experience episodes of random jerking from the arms and legs. The episodes can last for several minutes and occur numerous times throughout each day. Feeling confused and losing consciousness are some of the other common symptoms that are associated with epilepsy.

How Can Epilepsy Be Treated?

If your partner has epilepsy, it is possible that he or she can get rid of the symptom of staring by taking anti-seizure medication. However, it is also possible that taking medication will only reduce the frequency that he or she experiences the episodes. Sometimes more than one medication is needed to bring the symptoms of epilepsy under control. Surgery is another way that epilepsy can be treated, which involves removing the portion of  the brain that is responsible for the seizures occurring. Undergoing therapy or getting a pacemaker installed can be useful for treating the disorder as well, but your partners specific treatment method will depend on how severe the condition is.