Preparing Your School-Aged Child For Vaccinations

When it's time for your child to get a physical with your family practice or pediatrician, it may also be time for immunizations. Following the immunization schedule your doctor creates for your child can help prevent some serious childhood illnesses, but the thought of getting shots can frighten young children. Here are a few steps you can take to prepare your child for the visit. Explain What Immunizations Do Explaining the purpose of immunizations can go a long way toward helping your child prepare for the appointment. Read More 

Want To Be Healthier? Benefits Of Swapping Your Regular Tea With Matcha Green Tea

If you want to be a healthier person starting with making changes to what you eat and drink, as well as adding exercise to your routine, is the best place to get started. One thing you can change is if you drink regular tea you should consider changing it to matcha green tea instead. Below is information about what matcha green tea is, and two benefits of drinking this type of green tea. Read More 

FAQ About Epilepsy

Are you worried about your partner going into episodes of staring in the same direction for long periods of time? The problem that your partner has might be a lot more serious than you think. It is possible that the staring is the result of him or her suffering from seizure complications, which can be related to a condition known as epilepsy. It is necessary for your partner to consult with a neurological services and treatment specialist as soon as possible to find out if he or she has epilepsy. Read More 

Four Questions You May Have After Being Diagnosed With Cataracts

Your vision has been cloudy for months, and now you finally know why: cataracts. Being diagnosed with cataracts can be pretty scary. This condition is not reversible, and there's not a lot your doctor can do to slow down its progression either. Chances are, you have a few questions about living with cataracts and about cataract treatment. Read on to discover the answers. How Fast Do Cataracts Progress? The progression of cataracts is highly variable between patients. Read More 

Time to Tell Your Kids About Your Medical Marijuana Use? How to Have an Effective Conversation

If you're one of the growing numbers of seniors who are looking to medical marijuana for relief from ailments such as arthritis or glaucoma, you might be worried about telling your kids. It can be difficult to tell your kids that you're using marijuana, especially if they lean towards the conservative side of the argument. If you're worried about how you'll explain your medical marijuana use to your conservative adult children, here are some tips that will help make the conversation easier. Read More