The Next Marathon: How To Start Training After Knee Surgery

Many runners put off going to an orthopedist because they are secretly afraid that they might have to take a break from running or, even worse, stop running altogether. Most instances of runner's knee can be treated with rest, ice, compression, and elevation along with physical therapy and special braces. For those of you who have to undergo surgery to restore the cartilage in your knee or fix an alignment of your patella, there will be a recovery period when you cannot run and your doctor may suggest permanent changes to your exercise schedule, but most runners can start running again within six months of surgery. Read More 

3 Everyday Habits That Could Be Hurting Your Back

If you are like most people who throw your back out, you might blame one single, solitary action for your pain. You might angrily stare at that heavy school backpack, or wonder why you tried to move that bookshelf on your own. However, some back problems develop slowly over time, because of simple mistakes you make when you aren't paying attention. Here are three everyday habits that could be hurting your back, and what you can do to fend off trouble: Read More 

When Your Child Hates Books: Common Eye Problems That Make It Difficult To Read

If getting your child to read is more of an ordeal than going to the dentist, you might be looking for some answers. While it is true that all children have different interests, its important to realize that your child's vision may be the reason why reading truly does not come naturally to them. Eyes are like complex machines. When the "calibration" is off, the function is affected, making all tasks, especially reading, much more difficult. Read More 

3 Teeth Whitening Mistakes You Will Regret Later

After your kid makes a few wisecracks about your dingy smile, you might be ready to head to the store to pick up a giant tube of whitening gel or a few packages of those pre-made strips. However, whitening your teeth isn't something you should do in a hurry or on a whim. Doing things the wrong way can cause big-time problems that might stick with you for awhile. Here are three teeth whitening mistakes you will regret later, and how you can avoid trouble: Read More 

DIY Essential Oils Lip Balms

If you are looking for gifts for the holidays, birthdays, or just a great project to do during your daughter's next sleepover, look no further than whipping up a batch of lip balm that uses essential oils. Not only will you be able to create a superior product to many of those on the market, you will know that they are all natural, and they can be made for a fraction of what you will pay for them in the store. Read More