5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Working With A Healthcare Recruiter

When you are just starting out as a prospective employee in the healthcare industry, it can be a little harder to find a job position because of a lack of experience. Bringing in the assistance of a healthcare recruiter can help you out quite a bit. These third-party professionals work as a middleman between you and the healthcare industry that is constantly on the lookout for new talent. Since it can be difficult to go directly to the source and land the position you want, the recruiter helps to get you connected with the right employers. Here are a few do's and don'ts to keep in mind when you work with a healthcare recruiter to find a job. 

Do: Listen to the insights of the recruiter. 

Health recruiters spend years working with clients in the health and medical industry, and they know what a qualified candidate looks like. They will have a lot of insight to offer, so take advantage of the opportunity to work with them. 

Don't: Be dishonest about your credentials or experience. 

The recruiter may not openly check your credentials, but an employer will if they are interested. It can make you look really bad if you tell the recruiter something that an employer later finds to be not true. 

Do: Keep an open line of communication with the recruiter. 

Make it easy for your chosen health recruiter to contact you, and don't delay to return to them when they reach out to you. The more responsive you are, the faster you will find a job in the medical field. 

Don't: Be offended if you are not a good candidate. 

There are naturally going to be some positions that are not a good fit for you, and your recruiter will be open about your limitations for certain open positions in the health and medical field. Don't take this too personally; it is the health recruiter's job to find candidate-client matches that will work. 

Don't: Try to contact an employer once you've started working with a recruiter. 

Make sure you remember once you start working with a recruiter, they will be connecting with potential hirers on your behalf. If you are going to the employer directly too, it can be a nuisance to the employer because of the extra bother on your behalf. Plus, this is a sign that you are not properly communicating with the recruiter who is trying to help you out. 

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