Microphlebectomy Can Help Young Dancers Who Develop Varicose Veins

As a young dancer, you're beautiful in appearance and movement and are skilled enough to have a long career ahead of you. Unfortunately, you've developed varicose veins unexpectedly and aren't sure if your career is going to take off. Microphlebectomy services can help ensure that you don't suffer too much of a setback.

Varicose Veins Impact Dancers

Although varicose veins are mostly common in older or out-of-shape people, they can develop unexpectedly on just about anybody. And if they occur on you during a dancing season, you may find yourself suffering in ways that are hard to predict and painful to manage.

For example, varicose veins can be very painful and cause a dull aching in the legs that may make it harder for you to practice or perform. And even if you try to simply perform through the pain, you may easily end up falling if your legs are weak from the excessive aching.

Even worse, these varicose veins can make your legs appear unsightly, which may detract people from hiring you. Although this fact is very unfair, dancers are often expected to be nearly perfect in appearance, so you need to eliminate these varicose veins and minimize your scar appearance at the same time. Thankfully, microphlebectomy treatments can help.

How Microphlebectomy Helps

If you're a dancer suffering from the impact of varicose veins early in life, you deserve to get relief for this condition. The easiest way to get it is through microphlebectomy. This surgical option is very simple and is an outpatient procedure that should take only about an hour or so to finish.

Small nicks are made in this skin to get easy access to the veins. In some cases, laser treatment will be used to kill the veins and seal them off on the inside. At this point, the surgeon will carefully remove the veins through the holes and stitch up the small cuts on the skin.

This method is a great choice for dancers because it works more quickly than laser therapy on its own. Just as importantly, the surgery can be finished in a day with minimal impact on your dancing. As a result, you can get back to practice or even back on the stage without much difficulty. And the lack of scars ensures that you won't have a hard time finding jobs.

So if you're a dancer suffering from a surfeit of varicose veins, you should seriously consider this treatment option. Microphlebectomy is something that most doctors can do without difficulty and will