Tips For Convincing Parents To Get You Laser Eye Surgery

If you are a teen that has glasses, you might not be happy with your appearance when you wear them. This can be frustrating because you want to look as good as possible in order to feel as self confident as possible. One possible solution to your problem is to get laser eye surgery, especially if you don't like the way that contacts feel. Here are some tips for convincing your parents to help pay for laser eye surgery.

1. Show Them the Savings They Could Have

Get an estimate as to how much laser eye surgery is going to cost by talking to your eye doctor the next time that you go in. Then, figure out how much glasses cost each year. Add up all of the money that your parents will likely spend on buying you new glasses all the way through college, until you can no longer be on their health insurance. Estimate that you get glasses once every two years. Add up the costs of the glasses, as well as the cost of the glasses accessories and the adjustments or repairs that have to be made. Compare that to the estimate for laser eye surgery. Show your parents that the laser eye surgery will actually be more cost effective for them in the long run, or at least not that much more money.

2. Talk About How You're Done Going Through Puberty

Your parents might tell you that you are too young to get laser eye surgery. Talk to them about how you want to get laser eye surgery when you are done with puberty and done growing because the results of laser eye surgery can be affected by puberty. Show them articles to help back up your assertions.

3. Make it a Birthday Present

Talk about how you want laser eye surgery enough to forgo getting birthday and Christmas presents that year. This will help offset some of the costs of the surgery as well as show your parents how badly you actually want the surgery. This can help convince them to make you getting laser eye surgery a priority for them.

For more information, talk to your eye doctor. He or she might have some suggestions for making the laser eye surgery more affordable, such as by being recommended by him or her to a surgeon. He or she might also have more information to give your parents about the benefits of the procedure.