6 Clutter Free Gift Ideas

There are a lot of reasons you may want to find clutter free holiday gifts for your friends and family. Maybe you have a friend who just downsized into a smaller apartment and mentioned not having enough space for her stuff. Or perhaps your parents have mentioned they already have all the "stuff" they could possibly need and don't want to add to what they already have. Clutter free gifts mean you get to give someone something thoughtful they will enjoy, without contributing to more clutter they may find annoying. Here are six clutter free gift ideas:

Massage Gift Card

Everyone loves the chance to relax and feel pampered, but most people don't take enough time to do this for themselves. When you give someone a massage gift card, you're letting them know their relaxation and stress relief are important. Massage has been shown to provide a host of benefits for everything from headaches to insomnia, so no matter who the gift recipient is they will likely get something out of the massage in addition to relaxation.

Membership to the Zoo or Museum

This is an especially thoughtful gift if the recipient has children, but anyone would love a gift membership to their favorite museum or the zoo.  Your loved one will probably be much more likely to visit the zoo, children's museum, science center, or art museum on a regular basis if they know they can attend for free all year. Plus, as members they will most likely be entitled to cool perks like admission to special events that aren't open to the general public.

Tickets to a Show

If your loved one enjoys the performing arts, splurging on tickets to a show you know they'll enjoy will go over really well. Depending on their specific taste and your budget, you could opt for anything from a Broadway show to the ballet to a small local theater's latest play. Make sure to get two tickets so they can bring a date or a friend along for a fun night out on the town.

Gift Card to their Favorite Store

More than half of recipients in a recent survey said they'd prefer to receive gift cards for Christmas. You can go the generic route with a gift card to their favorite mega online retailer or big box store, allowing them to buy anything they want. Another idea is to tailor the gift card more specifically to their unique taste, perhaps opting for a gift card to their favorite local book store or coffee shop. Gift cards are a great last minute option and don't take up any space.

Make Them Dinner

What's more thoughtful than the gift of spending your free time making someone a home-cooked meal? Surprise a friend or relative with a homemade dinner with side dishes, dessert, and maybe a nice bottle of wine. Something like lasagna transports easily and will provide them with delicious leftovers all week. If you really want to keep this gift totally clutter free, bring their meal in disposable dishes they can toss afterward.

Cooking Classes

If your gift recipient has recently mentioned wanting to become a better cook, or they already love to cook but would love to learn a specific cuisine, why not get them a gift certificate for cooking classes? Find a local cooking school and search their offerings- many provide classes for everything from cooking basics (perfect for that young cousin who just recently graduated college) to Thai or Mexican cooking.

With these gift ideas, you can surprise even the minimalists on your shopping list with something they will love.