3 Treatments And Skin Care Practices To Help Keep Your Face Free Of Wrinkles

As you get older, many factors will contribute to your skin's aging process, including the environment, your health, and hereditary factors. You can choose to accept your skin's wrinkles as markers of the life you have lived, or you can choose from several different treatments to help prevent and erase your wrinkles. Here are three less-invasive treatments and skin care practices you can do to keep your face more wrinkle-free.

Take Care of Your Skin

If you don't have any wrinkles yet or you have already begun to see some wrinkles beginning to take form on your face, now is a good time for preventative care. There are a few things you can do to prevent your skin from losing its elasticity and forming wrinkles. When you take care of your health, this can improve the look of your skin and slow down its aging process a bit.

Get enough sleep every night and your body won't produce as much of the hormone cortisol, which breaks down skin cells. Instead, with plenty of sleep, your body will produce more human growth hormone to make your skin thick and elastic so it will be less likely to wrinkle. Most adults need from seven to nine hours of sleep a night so you don't feel drowsy throughout the day, even during boring activities.

You also need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to increase your body's intake of antioxidant compounds to prevent the effects of photo-aging on your skin by fighting damage from free radicals. If you smoke, quit because cigarette smoke ages your skin by releasing an enzyme that breaks down the collagen and elastin in your skin. Then, avoid the sun whenever possible. When you do go outside, always wear sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. 

Mini Facelift

Not all facelift procedures take days or weeks out of your work and other activities for proper healing and recovery. A mini facelift is a procedure that is often called a "weekend lift" because you can have it done on Friday and be back at work on Monday. 

During a mini lift, the surgeon makes an S-shaped incision in front of each of your ears to pull, tighten, and reattach your facial tissues. The surgeon usually cuts away the excess area of skin to help tighten your facial tissues. This facelift tightens only the skin along your jowls and neck to remove wrinkles and other loose and sagging skin, but can make your face look younger.

This procedure is less-invasive than a full facelift, which makes a longer incision from your temples to down below your ear in your hairline, so the mini facelift requires less down-time and recovery for you to get back to your usual activities.

CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Therapy

Laser resurfacing treatments can usually require several days or weeks for your skin to heal after a treatment. With this new laser skin procedure, a fractional CO2 laser resurfacing treatment is completed in one to two sessions, and you can be fully healed from this procedure in about four days to go back to your normal activities. Then, the results can last eight to ten years so you won't need to come back for more follow-up treatments.

As the sun and your environment causes the collagen to break down in your skin, your skin forms wrinkles. A fractional CO2 laser bores tiny holes along the surface of your facial skin to prompt your skin's natural collagen production to work much faster. The fractional CO2 laser treats your skin in this manner without the usual damage that other lasers cause.

These three options can help your face look younger with less wrinkles. If you would like to learn more, contact a specialist from a clinic like My Plastic Surgery Group.