7 Ways To Make Tooth Brushing Fun For Your Kids

Some parents find it difficult to get their kids to brush their teeth. Many kids don't want to take the time to do something that isn't much fun. There are different activities you can do to get your kids to want to brush their teeth. Here are some ways to make them enjoy brushing time.

1. Brush each other's teeth

If you want to brush their teeth for them but they aren't exactly cooperative, offer to let your kids brush your teeth first. They will think it's fun being able to brush mommy or daddy's teeth and loosen up when it's your turn to brush theirs.

If your kids are old enough to brush their own teeth, let them brush each other's teeth. They might have fun taking turns on each other if they'll let a sibling brush for them.

2. Play music

There are a few great ways to brush to the music. You can either turn on some music in your house or buy musical toothbrushes. The musical toothbrushes play for about two minutes, and your kids will know once the music is over their teeth are clean. Playing a fun song on a music player or phone will have the same effect. They can brush to the beat the of the music and stop when the song is over. If you have a smart phone or tablet, you can look for toothbrush timer apps in the app store. They play music as well

3 Create a superhero toothbrush

If your little kids love superheroes, they will love this idea. Cut a piece of small cloth and tie it around their toothbrushes. They will have toothbrushes with little superpowers that knock out the evil plaque on their teeth.

4. Make an incentive chart

There are several fun ways to make incentive charts. You can cut out some construction paper in the shape of a toothbrush, or just use a piece of poster board. Give each of your children a column and have a pack of stickers handy. Every time your children brush their teeth they can get a sticker. If they get stickers the proper amount of times in a day or by the end of the week, you can reward them with a toy, treat, or activity. They will look forward to tooth brushing time so they can earn their stickers.

5. Make tooth brushing a contest

When your kids are brushing their teeth, tell them whoever has the cleanest teeth will earn a prize or a special sticker. They will work harder to make their teeth clean. Of course, you can reward all your kids if they do a good job brushing.

6. Let your kids pick out brushes and paste

Letting your children pick out their own toothbrushes and toothpaste from the store will make them enjoy brushing their teeth more. When it's time to brush, they will have the special stuff that they wanted and they will enjoy using it.

7. Do tooth brushing crafts

Spending a few days a week doing tooth brushing crafts will make brushing fun for your child. The crafts will make tooth brushing a more important part of their lives and they will recognize it as a fun part of their day. You can make books about how to brush teeth properly and why it is so important. They can learn about plaque and how it makes cavities on the teeth.  Here are some fun crafts that you can make with your child.

Trying to get your kids to brush their teeth doesn't need to be a headache. Use music, games, crafts, and/or incentive charts to make it a fun and stress-free time. For more ideas, ask professionals at sites like http://www.drheimann.com.